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Tips to Selling Your Home on Your Own - FSBO Style

I completely understand why home owners would want to sell their own home. Before I became a real estate agent, I thought that agents' commissions were way too high to pay for what seems like an easy job.

Now I've been an agent for 10 years and have debunked that myth! Truth is, sometimes our job can be easy and sometimes it can be traumatic and litigious. That's the risk we take! Good news is with experience, transactions can be on the smoother side.

My goal with writing this blog is for my clients, all of the people I know and all of the people reading to be well taken care of when they are buying or selling a home (whether they use me or not to help). That is the most important thing to me. 

So, best wishes to you in the sale of your home. And please feel free to call me if you need help or have questions! I am not greedy and I am here to help. Now, on to the advice:

For Sale By Ownder


1. Research the current real estate market and trends - AND keep up with this while your home is on the market. Don't rely on the local city news or national news to get your market information. This news is often midleading and may not apply to your home (are you surprised? The media is misleading, what?). I offer a free home valuation to anyone that requests one (and most agents will do this for you). Call your local expert for them to help you with this task. And my suggestion is to talk to them about working for you on an hourly basis to send you a weekly market update. The market can change from a seller's market to a buyer's market in a month's time. This may change how you will negotiate when you get an offer on your home, etc. And as always, knowlege is power.

2. Post your home on as many internet sites as possible.  Let's face it, all buyers are now internet buyers. Some are still driving around looking for signs, yet most all of them start on the internet first. So, grab a computer and get some professional photos and post on as many as you are able, the more, the better. (I'm sorry, quick plug for hiring an agent again. This is where working with an agent has some serious advantages (especially a Keller Williams agent). When you list with a KW agent, your home will be posted on more than 350 web sites. More than any other brokerage firm.)

3. Offer a comission to a buyers agent.   Do you know the type of buyer that will pay the most for a home in any market? The buyer that is moving here from out of town and is in town for a weekend and must make a decision that weekend! If you were this buyer and had one weekend to make a decision, are you going to work on this project alone or hire an expert agent to help you? These buyers have agents, and majority of buyers do have agents. Don't cut off the hand that feeds you, so to say. My suggestion is to ask an agent (offer to pay them hourly) to research the mls and give you a list of the strong buyers agents and real estate teams in the community and take the time to call all of them to promote your property and let them know that you are offering a commission to a buyers agent (PS My office would be a good place to start, we have nearly 600 agents and KW does the most business in your neighborhood, in the city and in the country).

There are tons of other details to consider when selling your home as a FSBO. I hope these tips will give you a good place to start. You might be thinking, "FSBO tips? She suggested using an agent for every tip!"  Well, it's a fact, good real estate agents help you save time and money. My team has done 75 transactions so far this year, and you learn a thing or two when you are involved in this many deals. 

My best advice is to find a good and caring real estate agent to help you. Commission is a negotiable term. I always tell my clients that if they do not think I have earned the commission they are paying me, then let's sit down and discuss what is fair. We can set a flat rate or discuss and hourly fee. It's important to me that my clients are happy and satisfied through the process. AND most important, accomplishing their goal.


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Tips to Selling Your Home on Your Own - FSBO Style
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