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How Your Home Effects Your Happiness

I've always wanted to be one of those people that are always happy and motivated to jump out of bed in the morning to attack the day. Yet, most of the time I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride between highly motivated and overwhelmed. So, what is the secret to being more emotionally consistant? I've dicovered that the key to happiness starts with your home!

We all know that "Home is Where the Heart Is," yet I recently discovered that your home has everything to do with your happiness (and motivation and productivity) thanks to a home organizer I discovered on named Alejandra Costello.

Recently, I completed Alejandra's Power Productivity Program and I can truly say that it has changed my life (and this is coming from someone that has read almost every self help book out there on happiness and motivation). At first glance, Alejandra's class and website will look to be about getting your home organized (something I've always struggled with). Yet, Alejandra teaches home organization in a way that really clicked with me. Her class taught me about my personality type (and the best way to organize successfully according to my type), time management (her to-do lists are life changing and how to set them up so you are actually marking things off your list) and motivation (where do you find that boost of energy to get things done and get your home organized!).

Now the most important part of the lesson is having the motivation. How do you get motivated to clean and organize your home. I would much rather watch tv any day of the week! Alejandra's explanation is so simple and effective, that instead of having and "ah hah" moment, I had a "duh" moment. She teaches that being your most productive and organized self equals being in a good mood (I'm sure you are thinking this is not a life shattering conclusion).That's really all there is to it, do what you set out to do on a day to day basis and clean up/declutter your home and you will be in a better mood, happier, more energetic and motivated. Don't mark things off your todo list and wake up to a messy bathroom/kitchen/closet and this is going to make you feel sluggish, unproductive and unmotivated.  So simple, right?

The example she uses is the act of making your bed. At night, when you crawl into bed and it's not made. How do you feel?  Oprah's term "Schleppa" comes to mind (a term she used when women look like they don't care about their appearance and look sloppy), getting into an unmade bed makes you feel so much more tired, unmotivated and ambivilant.  Why would you do this when crawling into a bed that's been made makes you happier and feel more luxurious. I would much rather feel the latter on a day to day basis.

I wanted to write this blog because I am in the real estate business and therefore I think I am in the business of happiness now. I love finding people homes and seeing that moment when the buyer finds the one and imagines the amazing life they are going to lead after they buy it. Yet, now that I've been in this business for 10 years and sold multiple homes for clients, it's amazing how many people never get around to living that life while they are in the home.

So, I hope I have inspired your to get organized! A great place to start the process is with Alejandra's mini-video series on her website.

And thank you Alejandra for the awesome class! I've been singing your praises to my colleagues and friends. I am happy to say that your class has improved my business, my home, my life and my happiness.  I had no idea that taking a class on home organization was going to effect my happiness so profoundly.

to-do lists

PS This is a photo of my to-do lists organized the way I learned from Alejandra.


















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